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Pedicure chairs don’t work well with poor plumbing! Get new overflow drain kits, jets, and other plumbing essentials for your pedicure chairs to keep them working well and your customers happy! Check out our pedicure chairs to find some that work for your spa!

Drain Pump Drain Pump
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This Power Drain Pump kit is for use with pedicure spa chairs. If your salon does not have floor drains where you need to install your chair and/or you need to drain your pedicure chair to an existing sink or wall drain, you can use this kit for that purpose...
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LURACO MAGNETIC JET RETAINER-IMPELLER-COVER-SET FOR PEDICURE SPA CHAIR/DISPOSABLE LINER   -Retainer (Back Cover) -Impeller (Magnetic Fan) -Cover Cap (Head Cap)   The Set Included 3 Pieces: -Retainer (Back Cover) -Impeller (Magnetic Fan) -Cover Cap (Head Cap)   Feature: -Magnet Jet uses magnet..
- UL listed - Sanl-air TM - Green technology (only #30 W energy consumption) - Long life motor - Extremely easy to install, clean and service - Water level detection - Automatic shutdown when the jet head is removed - Us..
-heavy duty brass drain assembly - drain assembly with chrome trim -cable actuated -includes S- Trap -Length: 23'..
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