Kids Pedicure Spa - Minion

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Minion - Kids Pedicure Spa Pedicures and spa services are a great way to relax and calm your mind. Kids can now enjoy comforting pedicures and services with our newly-released Kid's Spa. - Designed and assembled in the USA - ETL-certified for safety - Pre-installed with essential plumbing and pipe fittings – ready to connect to water supply - One-year warranty - Dimensions: L: 46” W: 29” H: 47” - Weight: 180 lbs


Q: Do I need the drain pump for my chair?
A: If you have floor drain, you DO NOT need the drain pump; if you have wall drain, you will Need one drain pump for each chair.
    - Regular pump (up to 4ft): $95/each


(No reviews yet) Write a Review