You have the pedicure chairs, the manicure tables, and everything else that makes for a good nail salon, but you want to be great. Every little detail counts when running a salon, and with the right details, your salon can go from good to great. There are many things that a salon needs that you may not have even thought about when filling your shop with furniture and equipment.

A salon that has the latest and greatest furniture and equipment will stand out from the rest, giving clients what they need and what they want. A mini fridge full of sparkling water could be all the difference. Pedicure Chair Plus, carries a ton of different equipment for the perfect salon. If you feel like your salon is lacking something, check out our furniture to find something that can take your salon to the next level!

If you are not sure what you are missing, this blog will go over some of the best equipment that can make your salon more effective and manageable. You may have trouble finding the right equipment if you are not sure what you are looking for, so read on to get ideas and inspiration for your salon!

Towel Warmers

One of the greatest parts of visiting a nail salon is the nice hand or foot massage your receive. This five minute massage is relaxing and a favorite in a mani-pedi session. But what makes this moment of bliss even more wonderful? A warm towel being wrapped around your freshly massaged hand and feet. That is the moment that all worries leave your clients and they are lost in a warm towel heaven. Pedicure Chair Plus offers towel steamers to create the perfect manicure and pedicure for your clients. This appliance will give your salon and extra touch of relaxation and bring your business one step closer to great!

Pedicure Trolley

Hopefully you have a pedicure trolley to hold all of your supplies, but if you don’t this piece of furniture will change your life and your salon. A pedicure trolley is the perfect addition to your business, allowing you to store all of your needed supplies and be completely prepared every time.

We all have experienced a pedicure that gets delayed because the nail technician did not have all the supplies needed. And while this is not the most important issue, having all of the supplies and equipment needed will make your clients realize you are more prepared, which will make a difference.

These are great for each technician to have, allowing for each to personalize their trolley with the equipment and supplies that they prefer. Each hair dresser generally has their own station with tools that they enjoy using and find the most value in—nail technicians should have the same, a personal space with the best tools for them.

Kid Spas

If you live in an area with a lot of families or where clients often bring their children in, investing in a kid pedicure chair could be the difference between you and another salon. These fun and colorful chairs are perfect for a mommy-and-me spa day, allowing for little girls to enjoy a pedicure in a chair that is their size and has a fun theme.

Choose from Hello Kitty, The Little Mermaid, or other fun kid pedicure chair designs. Adding just one of these to your salon can help make you a more friendly salon for clients with children. This will make you stand out and become a popular choice for clients who want to bring their little ones out for a day of fun.

Not many salons offer pedicure chairs for children, being one of the few could transform your salon from good to great. Who knows, the child clients you take care of could become lifelong clients, simply because you offered chairs specifically for them!


Some nail salons also offer massage services, if you are one of those salons you will want to stock up to the best massage equipment possible, helping your clients truly relax. If you do not offer massages but have always thought about offering this service in the future, Pedicure Chair Plus is the perfect place to start. We have massage tables and chairs that can get you started off right!

Heat Stones

A massage is always relaxing, but when heat stones are included, a massage becomes that much better. Heat stones are something everyone wants to experience by not many have. They help relax the body, soothe sore muscles, and help clients feel that they are getting more out of the massage.

Hot stone massages are actually very beneficial, and will become a popular part of your salon. These smooth, flat stones are heated and placed along certain areas of the body to release tension in muscles and tissue.

According to Healthline, there are many different benefits to a hot stone massage. Besides relieving muscle pain, a hot stone massage can reduce stress and anxiety, help with sleep, reduce symptoms of different diseases, boost immunity, and may reduce cancer related symptoms like pain and nausea. Offering hot stone massages in your salon could increase your client base and allow you to help people in many different ways.

These are only some of the salon and spa equipment that may have been forgotten when you were purchasing your salon furniture. Every little detail of a salon counts. From the magazines in your waiting area to the great smelling soap you have for your clients to wash their hands. The little details listed above can make your salon more organized and help you be better prepared.

Stand out from the rest with pedicure chairs for kids. Become more organized and allow your technicians to have their own personal nail supplies with pedicure trolleys. Allow you clients to enjoy their massage and reap many benefits with the help of heat stones. There are so many small things that can be added to your salon to enhance your workstations, create more organization, and give your clients an amazing experience.

When you think about the furniture and equipment you need for your salon, keep your clients in mind. They are the ones who keep your salon in business, they are the reason you own a salon, and you want to create a great experience for them every time.

Pedicure Chair Plus is the best place to find all of your spa and salon furniture and equipment. Find everything you need, from the main pieces to the items that will just make the job easier and better for the clients. Find what you are looking for and contact us today with any questions you may have!

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