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02 Aug Creating The Perfect Atmosphere For A Spa And Salon
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To run a successful salon, you need to create the perfect atmosphere—a space for your clients that is comfortable and positive, a relaxing environment, and a place that is pleasing to the senses. When..
15 Sep We’re Calling It: You’ll Be Seeing These 7 Nail Trends *Everywhere* This Year
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As Plato once wisely stated, trends come and go, but nails are forever. (Hey, can you be positive that he didn’t?! Exactly.) And now that 2017 is, thankfully, dead and done, we can now look forward to..
26 Jul Why Choose Pedicure Chair Plus
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You have decided to open your own salon. You have the business plan set up, the location picked out, and the funding all figured out. But what about the furniture. Where are you going to find the pedi..
02 Aug 11 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Own Salon
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We can all learn from the mistakes of others, so read these words to the wise from salon owners who have made their share of mistakes along the way.Fear of failure may be preventing you from opening y..
02 Aug Equipment That Can Enhance Your Salon
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You have the pedicure chairs, the manicure tables, and everything else that makes for a good nail salon, but you want to be great. Every little detail counts when running a salon, and with the right d..
23 Jul Financing through TimePayment
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We are proud to offer our customers financing options through our financing partner TimePayment.TimePayment will walk you through the entire process, from application to documenta..
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